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Welcome to Hole Hecklers℠

 Hole Hecklers℠ provides a comedic kick with a new level of entertainment to your golf tournament. Make this the year’s most-talked-about

event and provide new avenues to generate donations for your fundraiser or favorite charity.

Here’s what you get when you hire Hole Hecklers for your golf tournament:

Hole Hecklers will provide you with two professional comedic commentators, brought to you by Hole Hecklers Sports Network, who are set

up at a hole to heckle and roast golfers as they tee off. Not only will this sponsored hole be the best of your tourney, it also provides a fun

way to raise additional money for your fundraiser Whether participants chose the "$hut the Buck Up" option to pay for silence while they

tee off, or they partake in the "Dough for Di$traction" alternative to pay for increased disruption directed at their partner, all proceeds go

directly to your named charity or fundraiser.

For continued entertainment after the tournament, the comics will assist with an amusing presentation of prizes (inclusive of handing

out prizes to winners and gag gifts to "losers"), emceeing an auction, or just roasting the corporate management team!

To finish out your successful event, the comics will provide a 45-60 minute stand-up comedy show that will have your participants

laughing well after your

event is over.

A great idea for:

 Charity or fundraiser golf tournament events

 Corporate golf outings

 Corporate sponsored hole at any charity golf event

We look forward to making your next tournament a hit – Live * Laugh * Swing. We make golfing fun!

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